1Should deodorant be used the day after applying NO SWEAT?

If desired, a product containing fragrance such as deodorant can be used.

2If NO SWEAT prevents sweating as the toxins will be eliminated?

The main function of sweating is not excretion but refresh the body temperature and according to the composition of the sweat, it is evident that toxins and toxic wastes are eliminated through the urine, respiration and feces.

3How long does the product last?

The product lasts approximately 3 to 4 months depending on the application area.

4Can the use of NO SWEAT darken the underarms?

We have not had any case in almost 30 years of the product in the market in which underarm darkening has occurred. We must know that all skins are different, may be darkening for several reasons such as hair removal, use of creams, suntan lotions, and exposure to the sun with any of these products. No Sweat is used only at night when sleeping

5Can you use NO SWEAT Forte in the armpits?

We only recommend using No Sweat Forte in the armpits when No Sweat Classic has been used following the instructions to the letter and has not obtained the desired results.

6If I use NO SWEAT with other products like creams, deodorants, perfumes, etc., loses its effectiveness?

You can follow your daily routine of hygiene and normal care with all the products you regularly use. The effectiveness of NO SWEAT will not be affected.

7Can I use NO SWEAT if I am laser depilating?

Any type of hair removal makes the skin extremely sensitive. Therefore, we do not recommend to use Classic No Sweat in the armpits the day of the depilation, nor until 1 or 2 days after this one.

8Can men and women use it?

Yes, men and women can use it, it is a unisex product, it has no particular fragrance.