Mode of Use

No Sweat products

No Sweat Clásico:

For armpits and other parts of the body other than hands and feet.
  • First time: Wear it three consecutive nights.
  • Control: Apply twice a week interleaved. For example: Monday and Thursday.

No Sweat Forte:

For hands and feet.
  • First time: Use it for seven consecutive nights, but get results after seven nights, continue applying until you get the desired result and proceed with the control instructions.
  • Control: Apply three times a week interleaved. For example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mode of Use

  • Only at night before bedtime.
  • We recommend not to use it to watch television or perform any other activity.
  • Do not wash the application area before use.
  • Make sure the application area is completely dry.
  • Do not use the product on damp / wet skin, with cuts, scratches or irritations. Do not apply on the night of the day that the axils are shaved, nor the following night.
  • In the case of armpits and other parts of the body other than hands and feet it is important not to apply excessive amounts of product, this creates a risk of irritation. It is not to greater quantity of product that you obtain greater effectiveness. Under the armpits use the product from top to bottom only once Without re-passing.
  • In the case of hands and feet the desired effect may be slower but this will happen anyway.
  • The skin of the palms and plants is thicker and more difficult to absorb..
  • That's why a more powerful variety was developed: NO SWEAT FORTE. It should not be applied to the top of the hands and feet
  • Bathe normally the next day.
  • You can use deodorant in the armpits, foot powder in the feet or other habitual product if you want. Most users of NO SWEAT, over time use nothing else.