Testimonials of the No Sweat Experience

Cristina. 33 years old. Barranquilla. I never raised my arms in public

I live on the coast and always thought that I sweated because it was very hot and normal. When I grew up, I realized that among my friends, I was the only one who happened to be left with spots of moisture under the arms. You cannot imagine how much I suffered from this problem. I spent in my house and could not go out with my friends. I never raised my arms in public, and I wore heavy clothing to make myself less noticeable. I would say that I became self-absorbed and lost my self-esteem. I recently saw in a magazine an advertising about a product which, supposedly, did not let you sweat. I started using it as they said in the instructions. The truth is that the next day, 50% of my problem was gone. I could not believe it. It was completely dry all day and all night. That seemed a dream to me. Now I go out with friends, I am not afraid to dance or raise my arms; because no matter what I do, I will always be completely dry. No Sweat, please never leave my life.

Javier. 18 years. Pereira. I feel that nobody believed me

You will not believe it but my shoes were soaked because I was sweating through my feet. It was a strange thing and I wondered why that was happening to me. Depending on the shoes, it made me very bad odor. I did not know anyone else who had that same problem. As I am very athletic, I always excuse myself saying that it was because of a lot of exercise, but I felt that nobody believed me.

One day I was walking with my mom in the mall and, in a pharmacy, I saw a banner describing a product for perspiration of hands and feet, in red packaging, and then I saw the black packaging for the armpits. I decided to buy it and I used it for 7 days in a row, in the evenings as it says in the instructions. Not to mention more, I tell you that ever since then I have been dry. I feel much more at ease and full of confidence.

Valentina. 17 years. Bogotá. Never stop making it.

I used it out of curiosity, because my sister had used it for some time, and I really liked it. I did not have excessive sweat problems, I did not wet the shirts or anything like that; but the idea of being always dry, even if I exercised, with only one product, caught my attention; Do you understand me? I also know several people who used it and never see a drop of sweat. I even have a coastal friend who plays the accordion and his shirt gets wet on his belly, and he used No Sweat and helped him a lot. It is a special product for cool people. Thank you people from No Sweat and never stop making it!

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